Images sell the Fringe. Poor photo by Emily Cooper.
Images sell the Fringe. Poor photo by Emily Cooper.

We normally choose shows to see at the Vancouver Fringe Festival through a combination of knowledge, research, recommendations and just a little bit of black magic.  But sometimes even that is not enough.  This year we’re recommending five shows based solely on their press photos.  No doubt some will find this list extremely arbitrary, but we figure if you manage to capture our attention with pictures we’re willing to give your show a shot.

Poor.  Photo by Emily Cooper.
Poor.  Derelicte it is not, but the image speaks volumes.  Photo by Emily Cooper.
Eating Pasta off the Floor
Eating Pasta off the Floor.  Our only question is why is the pasta on a table?
Dirty Old Woman
Dirty Old Woman.  Yep, sex still sells.
Emergency Monologues
Emergency Monologues. Because we all deserve a hammock some days.
LIttle One
Little One. Saturday morning cartoons will never be the same. Photo by Kaarina Venalainen.

The 30th annual Vancouver Fringe Festival runs September 4-14 on Granville Island (and beyond).  Visit for tickets and information.