The home of free entertainment every night during the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival, the St Ambrose Fringe Bar is your place to unwind before, during and after the shows.  Here are five acts and events that we don’t want to miss this year.

Fringe Social: Open Mic hosted by Trish Kelly
Fringe Social: Open Mic (Sep 6) Trish Kelly, former Vision Vancouver candidate and Fringe alumna, hosts an evening of music as Fringe artists and Festival-goers share their talents. Kelly will perform a follow up to her now infamous 1999 masturbation monologue which saw her withdraw as a candidate for this year’s municipal election in Vancouver. Kelly will tackle the difficult question about the electability of artists, especially those who identify as sex positive activists, in her new piece. Those looking to perform can sign-up at the bar beginning at 6:30pm.
A Loose Affiliation of Millionaires
A Loose Affiliation of Millionaires (Sep 7)  Tariq Hussain, David Newberry, Jenny Ritter, Leah Abramson, and Corbin Murdoch make this Vancouver songwriting collective who create unique events centered around the art of songcraft. Join the collective and associates for two sets of songwriting in the round.


Weekend Leisure Karaoke
Weekend Leisure Karaoke (Sep 9) We’re hard pressed to find anything better than spending a Tuesday night with fellow Fringers belting out their favourite songs.  Hosted by Vancouver Karaoke superstars, Weekend Leisure, we’re pretty sure there will be more than just showtunes.
The Oh Wells
The Oh Wells (Sep 11) This indie-pop with a flair for the theatrical, are a perfect fit for the Fringe. Led by charismatic Vancouverite Sarah Jickling, the group’s buzz is building. Find out why. Followed by a DJ set from East Vancouver’s DJ Ruggedly Handsome.
Pineapple at the St Ambrose Fringe Bar
Pineapple (Sep 12) Cameron Dilworth, Cary Pratt, Ronnie Swirl, and Noah Walker make up this Vancouver band who make music that is described as “freewheeling, irreverent, and unabashedly catchy”.  They apparently like to have a good time and that is good enough for us.

The 30th annual Vancouver Fringe Festival runs September 4-14 on Granville Island (and beyond). Visit for tickets and information.