Chase Padgett and Stacey Hallal take you on a Joyride.
Chase Padgett and Stacey Hallal take you on a Joyride.

A combination of sketch comedy and improvisation, Chase and Stacey’s Joyride is a fast-paced romp with synthesizers.

From the minds of Portland comedians Chase Padgett and Stacey Hallal, Joyridge claims to add an extra degree of difficulty by having the audience randomly selecting the order in which the show will play out.  And while that premise gets the audience on the duo’s side as they yell out the number for the next scene, the real skill isn’t on stage but, as Hallal so rightly points, by the technician in the booth.

The great thing about shows like Joyride is that if something doesn’t tickle your funny bone, you’re never far from the next gag. It also helps that both Padgett and Hallal are obviously having great fun doing what they do.  From a rutabaga farmer that overshares to a competitive ribbon dance, Chase and Stacey’s Joyride delivers on its promise.

Chase & Stacey’s Joyride written and performed by Chase Padgett and Stacey Hallal.  Playing at the Revue Stage (1601 Johnston St, Granville Island) as part of the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival. Visit for tickets and showtimes.

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