: The Food Must Go Out
: The Food Must Go Out

Site-specific shows are a fun part of the Vancouver Fringe and when the site matches the story and is told with the right caliber of talent the result can be quite thrilling, as is the case with Industry: The Food Must Go Out.

This show is a perfect Fringe show as it deals with that harsh truth of brilliant actors often having to work in the food service industry. Pippa Mackie, Lauren Jackson and Nik Bunting with special guest appearance by Emmelia Gordon as “the Hangover” are some of the funniest actors in the city. Some of them work at Edible Canada and they do their show, a series of fast paced and very funny sketches, late night after closing. Toss in few heartfelt moments and you get a delightful romp that will make you giggle like a fool.

Industry: The Food Must Go Out created and performed by Pippa Mackie, Nik Bunting and Lauren Jackson.  On stage at the Edible Canada Bistro (1596 Johnston St, Granville Island) as part of the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival through September 14.  Visit http://vancouverfringe.com for tickets and information.


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