Kyall Rakoz in Ludwig & Lohengrin. Photo by Jonathan Brower.
Kyall Rakoz in Ludwig & Lohengrin. Photo by Jonathan Brower.

Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle may be best known as the inspiration for the Disneyland castle, but the man responsible for the original’s construction is just as colourful as anything Walt’s team can imagineer.

In Kyall Rakoz’s one-man show Ludwig & Lohengrin we are introduced to that man, King Ludwig II, by the people around him. Never actually meeting Ludwig, Rakoz’s clever script tells his story from the perspective of both his detractors and supporters. Rakoz paints a sympathetic picture of a man trapped between his duties as king, his religion and the rumours of his sexuality.

Using a large white bed sheet, Rakoz dazzles us with shadow puppets and seamlessly moves from one character to the next as he tells this little known piece of Bavarian history. Never missing a beat, Rakoz manages to compress a lifetime into just sixty minutes with clarity and surprises.

Funny and poignant, this is one biography worth exploring.

Ludwig & Lohengrin created and designed by Kyall Rakoz.  Part of the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival.  On stage at the Revue Stage (1601 Johnston St, Granville Island) until September 13.  Visit for tickets and information.