Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson
Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson in Peter n' Chris Present: Here Lies Chris

Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson make it seem so effortless. Comedy that is.

In the duo’s newest show, Peter n’ Chris Present: Here Lies Chris, the premise starts innocently enough when a demonstration of what sketch comedy is all about goes terribly awry as Peter accidentally kills Chris. The next 60 minutes is Peter’s quest through parallel universes for a replacement Chris that is at times as absurd as it is laugh-out-loud funny.

The real payoff in this show though, just below all of the ridiculousness, is in the real-life bromance that the two have for each other. It is this through-line, with Peter finally admitting he misses his partner who has moved across the country, that helps to pull everything into focus. The real-life affection they have for each other is evident at every turn, and with comedy of this nature to work it takes a real trust.

And even as the two seemingly step into the audience one time too many times to have a little chat, the skill of Carlone and Wilson, coupled with the wit of the writing (it is a partially improvised script) gives the bits enough of a twist to make its repetition surprising and inventive. In fact, this is the real skill of the two: knowing just the right amount of off-kilter spin necessary to mine comedy nuggets with pinpoint accuracy at a sometimes feverish pace.

This is another winner for this dynamic duo. They are reason enough to go off-island this year.

Peter n’ Chris Present: Here Lies Chris by Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson. Playing as part of the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival until September 19 at Pacific Theatre (1440 West 12th Ave, Vancouver). Visit for tickets and information.