Going On
Going On

Going On is a unique, irrepressibly humorous, and insightful look into the paradoxical life of a Buddhist actress.

Going On
Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright St, Granville Island

1. Tell us about your show.

In Going On, Elizabeth Richardson weaves us through the adventures of an exuberant young actress on a theatre tour with Peter O’Toole in Toronto, Chicago and Washington, her later challenges as a Buddhist on a three-year meditation retreat in Nova Scotia, intertwined with a heart-wrenching mother-daughter relationship. In the one-woman show Richardson plays a dozen characters, including Peter O’Toole, and classic characters from Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya and Noel Coward’s Present Laughter.

2. Why should someone come see your show?

Going On is a show about living fully in three separate worlds – family, theatre and meditation. This gives rise to tension, humour and painfully won insight. The evocation of Richardson’s relationship with Peter O’Toole alone is worth the price of admission.

3. If your show was a superhero which superhero would it be, and why?

The cartoon superhero character would be Riley from Inside Out. With her twelve characters you see both their inside and outside. It is the live theatre version of the hit movie Inside Out for adult audiences who want to think, feel deeply and laugh.

4. If you could see only one show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, besides your own, what show would that be?

A Closer Walk With Jean Chretien – Jacques Lalonde.

The 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival runs September 10-20 on Granville Island and stages around town. Visit http://vancouverfringe.com for tickets and information.