Hunger Games: The Musical
Hunger Games: The Musical

We continue our coverage of the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival with #FringeDuJour. A daily peak at some of the shows coming to this year’s festival, we’ve asked Fringe artists to answers four questions to entice you to want to see what they have to offer and to cross-pollinate the Fringe.

Hunger Games: The Musical
Pacific Theatre, 1440 West 12th Avenue

1. Tell us about your show.

Hunger Games: The Musical is a pop culture parody of Suzanne Collins kazillion-dollar book and movie franchise.  We cast 14 brilliant actors, rewrote the lyrics to 16 of today’s most recognizable top 40 songs (okay, some are top 40 hits from 2 years ago, but whose counting) and bought as many wigs as we could afford to bring the production to life.  We’ve only had three minor bow and arrow accidents and everyone is healing up on schedule, so we should be good for opening night.

2. Why should someone come see it?

My first favourite answer is the scope of the show – for Fringe, its huge. 14 actors, along side the super talented Oker Chen, Hunger Game’s live DJ. Oker is on stage the entire show, spinning tunes, pitch matching vocal ranges and remixing background instrumentals in real time with the actors. Producer/Director Frank Nickel saw Oker during the Arts Club’s presentation of Bombity of Errors in 2014 – with one random email from Frank, Oker agreed to come play with the Hunger Games team. Without being over the top, our rehearsals have at times felt fairly epic in scope. My next favourite answer is to quote Jennifer Pielak, our Katniss Everdeen. “Let’s be real here. Who wouldn’t want to play Katniss and have her sing parodies of pop songs?”

3. If your show was a cartoon character which cartoon character would it be and why?

Jem and the Holograms! But not the upcoming movie adaptation, which for anyone who watches the trailer will immediately throw up a little in your own mouth. Our Katniss is Jem reincarnate. Complete with ridiculous outfits, over the top wigs, the wide-eyed innocence of teens killing other teens … oh, maybe not that last part.

4. If you could see only one show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, besides your own what show would that be?

We are honoured to be at Pacific Theatre with five other fantastic shows. In particular, we’d love to give a shout out to the critically acclaimed, super funny, undeservedly talented, Peter and Chris, from the Peter n’ Chris Present: Here Lies Chris If you can get a ticket when we play back to back with those guys, it might be some of the best 2 hours of Fringing you do this year.

The 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival runs September 10-20 on Granville Island and stages around town. Visit for tickets and information.