Just Watch Me
Just Watch Me: A Time Travelling Trudeau Musical lacks focus

Our #FringeDuJour feature on the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival concludes with Just Watch Me, which is based on a true story of a British Columbia teacher fired for speaking out in 1970.

Just Watch Me: A Time-Travelling Trudeau Musical
Pacific Theatre, 1440 West 12 Ave

1. Tell us about your show.

Just Watch Me: A Time-Travelling Trudeau Musical is about a high school student (May) sent back in time to October 1970 to research her history paper on the FLQ Crisis in Quebec, when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau imposed the War Measures Act for the first time in peacetime, and hundreds of innocent Canadians were arrested and detained without charge. While back in 1970, May meets a singing, dancing Prime Minister Trudeau at his famous “Just Watch Me” press conference, and she and her new high school friends help him to choose a name for his firstborn. May finds there are interesting parallels between 1970 and the War Measure Act, and 2015 and Bill C-51. Although the topic is serious, there is much comedy, singing and dancing, and even a football drill featuring star high school player Lui.

2. Why should someone come see your show?

Just Watch Me is premiering at the Vancouver Fringe, and features eleven original songs, including hip hop, country rock, blues, folk, alternative and pop, arranged and performed by Jennifer Charters and Brendan Steele of Vancouver band Red haven, accompanied by three musicians (cell, trumpet and bass) from the award-winning Lord Byng School Symphony. Dance choreography is by Jesse Alvarez, recently returned from New York. The cast of twelve singer/actors include 16-year-old soprano Avy Crowchild as May, and 2015 Capilano University Musical Theatre graduate baritone Adam Olgui as Trudeau. With a Federal election looming in October, the plot is very timely. The show is suitable for all ages.

3. If your show was as superhero what superhero would it be, and why?

Like Super Girl, May Lee, the lead character in Just Watch Me, is 16, a strong believer in freedom and justice, and is lost in time and space

4. If you could see only one show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, besides your own, what show would that be?

Hunger Games: The Musical

The 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival runs September 10-20 on Granville Island and stages around town. Visit http://vancouverfringe.com for tickets and information.