Mrs. Singh & Me
Mrs. Singh & Me

Mrs. Kuldeep Singh has been kidnapped by a man named Raj. When she finds out why, she is faced with a choice that she simply cannot accept. This dark comedy puts you in a unique situation with classic themes, along with some chai and cookies. Basically, imagine if Romeo kidnapped Juliet’s mom! What would happen next?

Mrs Singh & Me
The Cultch, 1895 Venables St

1. Tell us about your show.

It’s a funny, thoughtful look at two opposing forces and their beliefs on love.  When Mrs. Singh finds out why she has been put in this situation, she is faced with a choice that she simply cannot accept. Raj may have the key to the lock but not to his heart.

2. Why should someone come see your show?

It has heart, the characters are a bit eccentric but address issues of culture and adapting to the new normal.  It’s a touching story. There are a lot of great fringe shows.  I think what will set it apart is that it has themes that relate to all walks of life.  Above all I hope the audience will interpret this as a play not only about South Asian culture, but about issues which we all experience in Canada.  Also, this project is part of a bigger, sector-wide initiative called Project SAT (South Asian Theatre), whose mission is to create more equitable opportunities for South Asian artists and stories in the mainstream theatre community of Metro Vancouver.

3. If you could see only one show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, besides your own, what show would that be?

I can’t wait to watch The Sama Kutra.  I have a friend who does clown work and he told me this is the show to see if you want to see some great clowning and have fun!

The 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival runs September 10-20 on Granville Island and stages around town. Visit for tickets and information.