Does every large city have such a preponderance of musicals being created? Or is this just a Vancouver thing? Regardless of the why, we should be celebrating. One of a handful of original new musicals being presented at this year’s Fringe, there is much to like in How to Adult: The Musical.

Having suddenly come to the realization that it is time to grow-up (or in the words of writer Amy Dauer, time to “get your shit together”), three female roommates make a pact.  Community, no relationships and a job are the three tenets to this new found wisdom. Problem is, and predictably, it is easier said than done. Throw in a male roommate, too many references to Betta fish, and you have the makings of a musical sitcom.

Under Eleanor Felton’s direction there are some inventive moments in a couple of the songs including a complex piece after two fateful kisses. Peter Abando’s music is varied and while Dauer’s book ably gets us from start to finish, there are few surprises and a few head scratches.

Aaron Lau is the standout in this cast with his terrific voice, and Jill Raymond effectively plays up her character’s quirkiness.

How to Adult:The Musical whizzes along through a number of situations (and songs) to its predictable ending. There is something here though. The team needs a good dramaturg.

Mon, September 12 @ 6:15pm
Wed, September 14 @ 7:30pm
Sat, September 17 @ 9:15pm
Sun, September 18 @ 3:30pm

How to Adult: The Musical by Amy Dauer. Music by Peter Abando. Directed by Eleanor Felton. Playing as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival until September 18. Visit for tickets and information.

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