Best Picture will appeal to the cinephile.

In sixty minutes the team from RibbitRePublic Theatre (Jon Paterson, Tara Travis & Kirt Pirzpatrick) create a film geeks wet dream by mentioning every Best Picture Oscar winner.  Apparently there are 88 winners since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences began handing out their golden statutes.  I dare you to keep count though as the references come so fast and furious it would be near impossible to verify (sometimes trust is necessary at the Fringe).

Things do get repetitive, but there is also moments of inventiveness, as are some of the really unexpected mashups.  Particularly hilarious was matching Father O’Malley from 1944’s Going My Way as the priest from The Excorcist.  The Kramer vs Kramer and Ordinary People bits were also very funny, although one can’t help but think it would have been funnier if the two scenes played back-to-back, just like their Oscar wins.

There is some attempt at a commentary about women in film, but it largely gets lost in the bigger picture. Although I must admit to being shocked (although sadly, not surprised) to hear though that only four women filmmaker have seen their film nominated. Kathyrn Bigelow is the only one to have won for The Hurt Locker.

While not everything works in this fast paced romp, you can take solace in knowing that with 88 Best Picture Oscars to cover they are bound to eventually hit on one you know.

Sat, September 17 @ 7:45pm

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