A show like Charlatan! relies heavily on interactions with the audience. As a result, the experience will vary from night-to-night. On the night I attended, Travis Bernhardt struggled with that participatory variable.

In Charlatan! Vancouver magician Travis Bernhardt throws down his magic wand in exchange for the role of mentalist and fortune teller. Asked to write a question on a card before entering the theatre, those cards are placed in a box on stage’s edge as we entered. Throughout the next hour, Bernhardt attempts to answer a number of those questions without even opening the box.

Some of what he came up with was mind-blowing, other times it fizzled. The difference comes from how much help Bernhardt gets from his seemingly willing subjects. While his skills were evident about half the time on the night I saw him, what was more amazing than his mind-reading abilities, was some of the information audience members were willing to share. I was also struck by the compassion Bernhardt exhibits with his subjects, even as things didn’t always go according to plan.

My prediction? Your experience may be completely different.

Sat, September 17 @ 6:50pm
Sun, September 18 @ 3:00pm

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