For several years now the stars have failed to align and I have been unable to take in a production from Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. I made it a priority this year to see Curious Contagious. I now know what the buzz is all about, although it is more in appreciation for its inventiveness and skills of its performers than story.

It’s a pretty simple set-up, with a large white sheet mounted on the Waterfront Stage, Chloé Ziner and Jessica Gabriel tell their story from overhead projectors in front and shadows behind.  Some of what this duo can do with simple light and shadows is absolutely breathtaking. In its first moments, the two create a cinematic feel as we “fly” inside the open window of a house.  Those moments are repeated through its story of a pair of viruses attempting to replicate inside a unicorn. The two actors also play “real-life” replicas of the viruses in front of the sheet, with quirky movements set to original music.

As stories go, Curious Contagious gets repetitive. Fortunately there is enough puppetry skills on display to entertain us through the hour.

Thu, September 15 @ 5:00pm
Sat, September 17 @ 1:30pm
Sun, September 18 @ 8:05pm

Visit for tickets and information.