Yes, Pat Benatar’s Love is a Battlefield does make an appearance in this latest from Martin Dockery and Vanessa Quesnelle of Concrete Drops.

Like Benatar’s song which exposes that delicate balance between love and hate that exists in most relationships, this two-hander goes one step further. Through its quick 60 minutes we are fed tiny pieces about the relationship between the two. Secrets are revealed as more alcohol is consumed, but it is purely one-sided. The ultimate revelation is as surprising as the results of the skilled manipulation. To give away too much will spoil those surprises.

Dockery and Quesnelle were absolutely terrific together in 2014’s Moonlight After Midnight, here they manage the same unique chemistry. Even as Quesnelle does tend towards an overly understated performance, there remains is a connection between the two that is palpable.

Tuesday, September 13 @ 9:30pm
Friday, September 16 @ 5:00pm
Saturday, September 17 @ 4:00pm

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