The Secret
The Secret

As secrets go, Chelsey Stuyt’s got a doozy.

The Secret is another of the ubiquitous one-person shows at the Fringe. What makes it unique is in its combination of TED Talk, therapy session, and theatre.

TED Talk: much of the show plays out like a lecture of sorts about secrets, and Stuyt seems to know her stuff. It’s primary exploration is in answering the questions, why we keep secrets and why do we reveal them? Her delivery is engaging, natural and believable.

Therapy session: at the top of the show Stuyt tells her audience she will ask us if she should reveal the one secret she has kept from her mother. Claiming an open book with her mom, seems this is one secret she has not shared. In closing her hour-long show though, Stuyt instead asks her audience if they want to know her secret. Asking us to close our eyes and raise our hands if we want to hear it, the question on my mind was whether she reveals it even if the majority of the audience doesn’t want to hear it.

Theatre: potential cultural appropriation aside, Stuyt wraps her lecture and revelations inside a wonderfully rendered story of The Raven Steals the Light.

Sun, September 18 @ 8:45pm

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(Disclaimer: Chelsey Stuyt writes about theatre and the arts for Vancouver Presents from time-to-time).