It seems somehow fitting our final #FringeDuJour for 2017 is a play called Fin.

After years of focusing our playful, absurd style on softer topics at Vancouver Fringe, we have finally had enough. The populist imbecile elected in the U.S. The grotesque state of political financing in British Columbia. And finally, an ugly scene at the U.S. border when we were rejected by guards who accused us of attempting to illegally emigrate. Hip.Bang!’s new show Fin puts all that frustration and sense of alienation on full display, in a show that brings the group’s trademark playfulness and comedic innovation to the story of a single town on the edge of disaster.

Why should someone come see your show?

This is the funniest, freshest take on the state of the world today from two of the brightest up and coming local comedians.

If your show was a superhero which superhero would it be, and why?

This show would be Captain Planet, he’s our hero.

If you could see only one show at the Vancouver Fringe this year, besides your own, what show would that be?

Swordplay by Sex T-Rex.

The Details

Venue: The Improv Centre (1502 Duranleau St, Granville Island)
Twitter: @HipBang

About #FringeDuJour

#FringeDuJour is a daily peek at some of the shows coming to this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival. We’ve asked Fringe artists to answer a few questions to entice you to see what they have to offer and to help cross-pollinate the Fringe.

The 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival runs September 7-17 on Granville Island and stages around town. Visit for tickets and information.