Lovely Lady Lump

In Lovely Lady Lump, an Australian comedian takes the piss out of cancer and her own breast cancer experience, demystifying and deconstructing what one in three people are affected by. Simultaneously both light and dark, Lady Lump skewers this serious topic with a much needed, healthy dose of Aussie humour.

Tell us about the show.

I’m the “Lovely Lady” of the title, not the Lump. Thank goodness. Because I don’t have that dumb lump anymore! Hooray!

Lovely Lady Lump is a very good luck, uplifting story of surviving early breast cancer, but since I’m a comic, there are loads of jokes and a healthy perspective on what can happen to you.

I also stole my own medical imaging and animated it and we’ve projected it onto my body, so it’s super interesting and unlike any other show at the fringe.

Oh, and you have to be okay with a bit of bare bosom. In context, of course.

Why should someone come see your show?

Because one in three people get cancer, and to be honest, it’s a d*ck. So we should be laughing that sucker out of town. Also, boobs. Amirite?

If your show was a superhero which superhero would it be, and why?

Lassie! Because it’s small, loving, intimate and caring but will actually save the day without you knowing about it. Also, I’m happy to sleep at your feet.

If you could see only one show at the Vancouver Fringe this year, besides your own, what show would that be?

Hyena Subpoena by Cat Kidd. It’s beautiful poetically and visually and it’s a really different work that will transfer you into another world.

The Details

Venue: Studio 1398 (1398 Cartwright St, Granville Island)
Twitter: @lanaschwarcz

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