Nobody's Boy

Comedy and tragedy collide as a man attempts to cope with his son’s illness by performing unsolicited stand-up comedy sets in a pediatric care home cafeteria. Will you laugh at him? Written and performed by a psychotherapist, Nobody’s Boy intertwines the therapeutic process with the comedic process to shed light on the grieving process.

Tell us about the show.

Nobody’s Boy is a one-person play that connects the three parts of my professional life: psychotherapy, teaching, and performance. It consists of a series of therapy sessions in which a character based on one aspect of my personality, my more feminine side, performs psychotherapy on a character based on another aspect of my personality, my more masculine side. At the intersection of these two aspects of self there is, hopefully, comedy and definitely sadness.

Why should someone come see your show?

If you have ever felt two conflicting feelings at the same time and/or been curious about the therapeutic process and/or like Dad Jokes, you should come see my show.

If your show was a superhero which superhero would it be, and why?

It’s funny, at first I didn’t think this question was appropriate for my show. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how fitting it actually is. The play takes an honest look at the personas we put on to defend/protect who we truly are. There are two main characters, each with two distinct “sides” to themselves, much like superheroes. One uses humour as his superpower, the other uses psychotherapy textbooks as his shield.

If you could see only one show at the Vancouver Fringe this year, besides your own, what show would that be?

Definitely TJ Dawe’s Roller Coaster. TJ is the person who inspired me to write my first solo show. He is a Fringe legend and a master storyteller.

The Details

Venue: Studio 16 (1555 W 7th Ave, Vancouver)

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