Just Not That Woman felt very much like my Facebook feed over the past twelve months, like-minded folk oversharing articles and commenting ad nauseam on the circus that was the U.S. presidential election.

In Just Not That Woman, Australian performer Ali Kennedy Scott attempts to explain why Hilary lost. With almost a year since the election and a seemingly relentless examination by pundits in our 24/7 news cycle, there is little new here.

Psychology, the ability to control narrative, the power of suggestion, showmanship over substance, are all presented as reasons for Trump’s win.

In an attempt to illustrate these ideas, Scott uses magic to illustrate her points. But Scott’s rudimentary tricks  are just that, tricks. And while one could argue U.S. voters were “tricked” into electing Trump given his performance since being elected, it is a somewhat simplistic metaphor for such a complex issue.

Just Not That Woman may not be fake news, but it certainly is old news.

2 Out of 5 Stars

Just Not That Woman continues at the Firehall Arts Centre (280 E Cordova St, Vancouver) until September 16 as part of the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival. Visit http://vancouverfringe.com for tickets and information.