Setting Bones

Coming to Setting Bones with great excitement as this year’s winner of the Playwright Theatre Centre’s Fringe Play Prize, my hopes were dashed as the play progressed.

Setting Bones follows three queer estranged siblings who return home to bury their mother and grandmother after a tragic accident. While sorting out their family’s possessions, they must sort out their history, and their broken relationship.

Going in and out of the play, discussing their struggles in telling this story on stage, the effect of the audience being part of the creation process did little to enhance the play. It was if the creators were unable to make the necessary decisions, with too many ideas and no clear idea which to follow.

This story about queer people of colour would have been much more successful without the fictional over-dramatic story laid over. I wanted to feel a human connection with the performers, and instead it felt more distancing.

Setting Bones plays the Revue Stage on Granville Island until September 17 as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Visit for tickets and information.