Affair of Honor's Soul Samurai.
Affair of Honor's Soul Samurai.

In the darkly awesome future of Soul Samurai, Shoguns reign, vampires infest Brooklyn, and the world has gone grindhouse. After losing her lover to some undead hoodlums, Dewdrop gets herself a training montage and a sidekick, and sets off for revenge.

Tell us about the show.

The characters are wild and awesome, the script is hilarious and dark. There’s live fight scenes created by The Academy of Fight Directors Canada Actor Combatants.

Why should someone come see your show?

It’s a kick ass story brought to you by a wickedly talented ensemble of diverse emerging artists.

If your show was a superhero which superhero would it be, and why?

Beatrix Kiddo aka Black Mamba.

If you could see only one show at the Vancouver Fringe this year, besides your own, what show would that be?

Peter N’ Chris’ Best Bits cause Peter and Chris take you on an adventure while laughing your ass off!

The Details

Venue: Vancity Culture Lab (1895 Venables St, Vancouver)
Twitter: @AffairOfHonor

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