Dion Arnold in How I Killed My Nan.
Dion Arnold in How I Killed My Nan.

Many comedians struggle with a solid couple of minutes of material. Dion Arnold manages a full sixty in his laugh-out-loud How I Killed My Nan.

Told with the aid of projected family photos, Arnold tells us the consistently funny but heart-felt life story of his grandmother. While Arnold holds little back in poking fun at the woman who values bridge and punctuality over pretty much everything else, you can’t help but think she would unreservedly approve.

Delivered at break-neck pace, Arnold is as engaging as he is funny, chatting with the gathering audience before the show officially starts. There is an infectious enthusiasm to his performance, even as he confessed to being frazzled on opening night.

Arnold reveals a more serious side to the life of the woman he called “Geams” towards the end of his show. Without wanting to give anything away, suffice to say he finds a near perfect balance between his comic precision and deep respect. Like me, you may find your tears of laughter mixing with tears in recognizing a life well lived.

While it is early days for this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival, the cream is already rising to the top. Dion Arnold’s How I Kill My Nan gets my first big recommendation.

How I Killed My Nan continues at the Dockside Lounge in the Granville Island Hotel (1253 Johnston St, Vancouver) as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Visit vancouverfringe.com for tickets and information.