Lili Robinson explores the two sides of herself in Mx.
Lili Robinson explores the two sides of herself in Mx.

Check your privilege at the door. Mx will challenge and make you feel uncomfortable.

The winner of 2019 Fringe New Play Prize, playwright Lili Robinson explores what it is like to grow up as a gender-questioning, mix-raced member of our modern world through its protagonist Max.

Taking the form of a day-time talk show, the play pulls between Max’s two ethnicities. On the one side is Black talk show host Mz. Nancy, on the other is the über-White Samantha. As the two fight over Max, they reveal uncomfortable truths from both sides.

Keeping things interesting, Robinson pulls from mythology, history, and theatrical forms including clowning and even some puppetry.

As Mz. Nancy, Alisha Tashan Davidson is superb, and Emily King as Samantha wholly commits, even as she is called upon to utter a single gasp-inducing word. Appearing in her own play, Robinson lives her truth as Max.

At its most powerful, Mx also calls upon members of the audience to be more than purely witnesses.

Mx continues at the Revue Stage on Granville Island (1601 Johnston St, Vancouver) as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Visit for tickets and information.