After nearly 100 virtual shows since the pandemic hit, Vancouver-based magician Camilo Dominguez (aka Camilo the Magician) has pretty much perfected the online magic experience.

“At the beginning, it was very hard,” says Dominguez, who presents his latest interactive online show, Enigma, through Sunday.

“As an artist, you feed on the noise and energy of the crowd,” he continues. “Virtually, you don’t get that. In the beginning, it was tough, but you get used to it.”

Presented via Zoom, Dominguez says that while he mutes the audience to eliminate any distracting background noises, the platform’s gallery view allows him to see everybody.

“So I feed off that,” he says. “I see the smiles and virtual claps. It was definitely a challenge, but like everything, I’ve adapted and am now loving it.”

It also helps that Enigma is presented live. It allows audience members to interact directly with Dominguez as he performs his close-up magic.

“The idea for Enigma is to breakdown the virtual world that we are living in right now,” he says. “It is not a pre-recorded show, so everybody is watching at the same time.”

Enigma is an interactive experience for everybody. It is one hour of having fun with me in your living room. – Camilo the Magician on his new online show Enigma.

With nearly 100 virtual shows under his belt, Dominguez has also perfected his performance. Through much trial and error, he understands what close-up illusions work online through a camera lens.

“Some of them didn’t translate well from the stage,” he says. “On camera, we realized it has to be a little faster pace magic because people lose attention on the screen very easily. You have to be quick.”

In choosing the title for his latest show, Dominguez says the mystery he creates from the start is gradually revealed to audiences.

“There are a lot of things at the beginning of the show that won’t make sense for anybody. It is an enigma,” he explains. “You don’t know where I’m going, but hopefully, audiences will be surprised at the end.”

Enigma continues online through Sunday, December 20. Visit for tickets and information.