Combining intersectional feminist ideas with the magic of the circus, The WonderWombs is like nothing you have seen before. Featuring a series of vignettes from seven female and non-binary circus performers, they weave their message together with aerials, acrobatics, burlesque, dance, spoken word, and performance art.

From New Zealand’s The Dust Palace, Vancouver audiences may remember this contemporary circus company from their interpretation of Christina Rossetti’s poem The Goblin Market in 2017.

Opening this year’s Femme Series at The Cultch, Vancouver Presents contributor David C Jones was live at the York Theatre in East Vancouver with the company of The WonderWombs as they prepared for opening night. In this Facebook Live event, we get a sneak peek at the show and chat with members of the cast to find out more.

The WonderWombs plays the York Theatre (639 Commercial Dr, Vancouver) until January 19. Visit for tickets and information.