Vancouver’s Cause & Effect Circus takes the contemporary circus to a new level with The New Conformity.

Combining juggling, martial arts, and physical theatre with storytelling, The New Conformity explores one on of the universal struggles of the modern age: the comfort
of conformity, versus the freedom of individuality.

Vancouver Presents went live during rehearsal with Cause & Effect Circus’s Chris Murdoch, Ryan Mellors, and Yuki Ueda to find out more.

The New Conformity plays North Vancouver’s Presentation House Theatre from November 22 through December 2. Visit for tickets and information.

Live with the company of The New Comformity

We are LIVE at Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver with Cause & Effect Circus for a sneak peek at their new show, The New Conformity.Smashing the audience’s preconceptions of the juggling arts, The New Conformity uses juggling as the background to a story about three co-workers struggling to make it through the day as minor disagreements simmer under the surface and ultimately spiral into chaos.The New Conformity plays Presentation House in North Vancouver November 22 – December 2. Visit for tickets and information.

Posted by Vancouver Presents on Saturday, November 18, 2017