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2014 Vancouver Fringe

Audiences pick the best of the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival

With the 30th anniversary of the Vancouver Fringe Festival now over, Vancouver Fringers have spoken and chosen six of their favourites for this year's...
jem rolls Attacks the Silence

Fringe review: jem rolls Attacks the Silence is skillful

In jem rolls Attacks the Silence, British poet and perennial Fringe favourite Jem Rolls doesn't just attack the silence, he chews it up, spits...
Mindy Dillard in How to Survive a Poison Apple

Fringe review: How to Survive a Poison Apple has a laudable goal

Mindy Dillard's How to Survive a Poison Apple plays out like an self-affirmation seminar, and while it no doubt plays well to certain audiences,...
: The Food Must Go Out

Fringe review: Industry: The Food Must Go Out will make you giggle

Site-specific shows are a fun part of the Vancouver Fringe and when the site matches the story and is told with the right caliber...
Poor. Photo by Emily Cooper.

Fringe review: Poor is a wild tale

In Poor, new playwright Suzanne Ristic has crafted a fantastic story of a upper class woman who decides it would be interesting to dress...
Members of the cast of Cannibal: The Musical. Photo by Skye S Son.

Fringe review: Cannibal: The Musical is pure silliness

Years before South Park became a pop cultural phenomenon and long before The Book of Mormon took Broadway by storm, Trey Parker (and Matt...
Magic Unicorn Island by Jayson McDonald

Fringe review: Magic Unicorn Island is absurd, thrilling and powerful

Jayson McDonald is a talented actor and storyteller who creates myths and parables wrapped in whimsy and imagination. Magic Unicorn Island begins with a sunglass...
Rory Ledbetter in A Mind Full of Dopamine

Fringe review: A Mind Full of Dopamine is told with passion

Rory Ledbetter is an award-winning storyteller who plays a mean harmonica. He also is a man who became addicted to gambling. Ledbetter tells stories of...
Beverley Elliott performs in a remount of her solo show ...didn't see that coming as part of Gateway Theatre's 2015/2016 season.

Fringe review: …didn’t see that coming is a Fringe staple

Shows like …didn’t see that coming are a staple of the Fringe, a freewheeling hour of stories strung together by an actor who thinks...
The cast of The Chariot Cities. Photo by Gaelan Beatty.

Fringe review: The Chariot Cities has some beautifully realized moments

There is so much going on in The Chariot Cities that it sometimes feels like it is going to collapse under its own weight,...

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