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2017 Vancouver Fringe

Interstellar Elder

Fringe review: Interstellar Elder

Physical theatre, comedy, an old woman, and space. What’s not to like about this wacky combination? What promised to be a hilarious time in...
Setting Bones

Fringe review: Setting Bones

Coming to Setting Bones with great excitement as this year’s winner of the Playwright Theatre Centre’s Fringe Play Prize, my hopes were dashed as the...
Bushel and Peck

Fringe review: Bushel and Peck

Bushel and Peck looks really good with its spare use of lights on the darkened Waterfront Theatre stage. Twelve hours later though I am...
Fifty Shades of Dave

Fringe review: Fifty Shades of Dave

I am a terrible Canadian. Not only am I unable to recognize one Sedin from the other, I had no idea who Stuart McLean...

Fringe review: Help! I’m American

The best thing about sketch comedy is you never have to wait too long if you don't find something particularly funny.  DK Reinemer’s Help! I'm...
The Audience Dies at the End

Fringe review: The Audience Dies at the End

I can assure you I am not writing this review from the great beyond after having seen The Audience Dies at the End. But then,...
Blood Countess

Fringe review: Blood Countess

Long before Bella and Edward, or Bill and Eric, there was Elizabeth Báthory. This 15th century Hungarian noblewoman has been labelled as the most...
Agam Darshi and Munish Sharma in Bombay Black. Photo by Zahida Rahemtulla.

Fringe review: Bombay Black

Bombay Black is one of those rare full-length ensemble pieces at the Fringe. While a refreshing change to the majority of plays on offer...
Six Fine Lines

Fringe review: Six Fine Lines

Six Fine Lines is a rare one-person show that transcends this crowded genre at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Adapting the lyric essay to suit his needs,...
Swordplay: A Play of Swords

Fringe review: Swordplay: A Play of Swords

Swordplay: A Play of Swords was a great end to a full day at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Making their Vancouver Fringe debut, Toronto’s evocatively...

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