Thursday, October 1, 2020

2017 Vancouver Fringe

Draining The Swamp

#FringeDuJour: Draining The Swamp

In Draining the Swamp, Curious Creations gets curious again, with a comedic jab at The One and the 1%.  Comic mayhem ensues when The Boss...
Distractingly Sexy

#FringeDuJour: Distractingly Sexy

In Distractingly Sexy, join real-life scientist and writer, Mily Mumford for an interactive ultra-funny, quite-wild, history of how women in science have been fucked...

Ten (plus ten) shows not to miss at this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival

With so many choices, deciding what to see at the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival can be a daunting task. I've scoured this year's program, taken...
Adult Company

#FringeDuJour: Adult Company

We’re always waiting for 4:00 am — that magical time when the best memories are supposed to find us — if we can only endure the...
Lovely Lady Lump

#FringeDuJour: Lovely Lady Lump

In Lovely Lady Lump, an Australian comedian takes the piss out of cancer and her own breast cancer experience, demystifying and deconstructing what one in three...
Everybody Dies in December

#FringeDuJour: Everybody Dies in December

Everybody Dies in December is a dark comedy about living with death. Third generation funeral director, Claire, has it easy making friends. It’s not too hard when they don’t...
Affair of Honor's Soul Samurai.

#FringeDuJour: Soul Samurai

In the darkly awesome future of Soul Samurai, Shoguns reign, vampires infest Brooklyn, and the world has gone grindhouse. After losing her lover to...
Obit: A Deathly Serious Comedy

#FringeDuJour: Obit – A Deathly Serious Comedy

Centred around that strange end-of-life ritual, the obituary, Obit - A Deathly Serious Comedy takes a wry, comic look at three intertwined stories of people...
Agam Darshi and Munish Sharma in Bombay Black. Photo by Zahida Rahemtulla.

#FringeDuJour: Bombay Black

The lives of an Indian exotic dancer and her embittered mother are altered when a blind stranger visits them. Anosh Irani’s Dora Award-winning Bombay Black is a...
It’s A Glorious Wonderful Life

#FringeDuJour: It’s A Glorious Wonderful Life

In It’s A Glorious Wonderful Life a modern day Katharine Hepburn sweeps an angsty James Dean wannabe off his feet and into a beautiful world...

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