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2019 Vancouver Fringe

#FringeDuJour: Borderline A**Hole

#FringeDuJour: Borderline A**Hole

Tell us about Borderline A**Hole. What do you do when your new girlfriend accuses you of having borderline personality disorder? After years of chasing unavailable...
How I Killed My Nan

#FringeDuJour: How I Killed My Nan

Tell us about How I Killed My Nan. How I Killed My Nan is the story of my grandmother's end of life, and her choice...

#FringeDuJour: Mx

Tell us about Mx. Mx is a dark comedy based on my experiences growing up mixed-race in Vancouver, and it's also the winner of the...
A Woman of a Certain Age

#FringeDuJour: A Woman of a Certain Age

Tell us about A Woman of a Certain Age. We live in a culture that is obsessed with youth and beauty, often equating the two....
Conduit. Photo by Allan Jeffrey.

#FringeDuJour: Conduit

Tell us about Conduit. Conduit is a contemporary dance triple bill, set to original music and featuring a powerhouse cast of seven dancers. Gathering inspiration from cinema,...

#FringeDuJour: Legoland

Tell us about Legoland. Siblings Penny and Ezra Lamb have been home-schooled on a hippie colony all their life. They have been dying to visit...
The Most Massive Woman Wins

#FringeDuJour: The Most Massive Woman Wins

Tell us about The Most Massive Woman Wins. In The Most Massive Woman Wins, four women of various shapes and sizes sitting in the waiting...
Two Modern Noh Plays

#FringeDuJour: Two Modern Noh Plays

Tell us about Two Modern Noh Plays. Two Modern Noh Plays is a double-bill of modernized noh plays called "Sotoba Komach" and "Hanjo". They were...

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