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Vancouver Fringe Festival

Pick of the Fringe: six shows held-over for encore performances

In a media release, the Vancouver Fringe Festival announced six shows as this year’s Public Market Pick of the Fringe. According to the release,...
In Several Times

Fringe review: In Several Times will no doubt appeal to dance lovers

The Vancouver Fringe Festival takes its tagline “Theatre for Everyone” seriously by not only offering traditional (if you can call the Fringe “traditional”) theatre...
Martin Dockery in You Belong Here. Photo by Victor Trejo.

Fringe review: Martin Dockery creates a wonderful world in You Belong Here

When is a storytelling show not a storytelling show? When it is an “immersive storytelling experience”. At least, that is how Fringe veteran Martin...
David C Jones, Jackie Minns, and R David Stephens in Try to Remember.

Fringe review: Try to Remember explores dying with dignity

The second show about dying with dignity at this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival opens at the PAL Studio Theatre in Coal Harbour, with Try...
Shawn O’Hara and Abdul Aziz in Fake Ghost Tours.

Fringe review: Fake Ghost Tours 2: Journey to the Other Side (of Granville Island)...

“Twin brothers” Abdul Aziz and Shawn O’Hara return to the Fringe with Fake Ghost Tours 2: Journey to the Other Side (of Granville Island),...
The Robber Bridegroom: A Grimm Fairy Tale. Photo by Barbara Zimonick.

Fringe review: The Robber Bridegroom: A Grimm Fairy Tale will test you

The final few minutes of Chimera Theatre’s The Robber Bridegroom: A Grimm Fairy Tale is far more chilling than the preceding 55. That’s saying...
Tessa Trach and Georgia Acken in Amelie. Photo by DL Acken.

Fringe review: Amelie is beautifully realized

Based on the 2001 film, Amelie is rarer than a Fringe show with more than a single performer. It is a full-length musical with...
Alice in Glitterland. Photo by Chelsey Stuyt.

Fringe review: Alice in Glitterland goes down the rabbit hole

Following in the footsteps of the recent Deep Into Darkness, Geekenders Theatricals goes down the rabbit hole with an immersive production of Alice in...
Lili Robinson explores the two sides of herself in Mx.

Fringe review: Mx challenges

Check your privilege at the door. Mx will challenge and make you feel uncomfortable. The winner of 2019 Fringe New Play Prize, playwright Lili Robinson explores...
Daneil Frost (Romulus Brown) and Jamies Ives (Mayor) go head-to-head in Pieces of Eight. Photo by Taylor Kare.

Fringe review: Pieces of Eight doesn’t add up

Billing itself as “a play about how to buy a house in Vancouver”, playwright Nathan Narusis gets full marks for drawing in the crowd...

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