Saturday, July 4, 2020

2019 Vancouver Fringe

Red Glimmer

#FringeDuJour: Red Glimmer

Tell us about Red Glimmer. In Red Glimmer a woman involuntarily takes an internal trip after succumbing to a deep depression. A scientist is hired...
Janoah Bailin in SpinS. Photo by Arthur Fink.

Fringe review: SpinS has some impressive tricks but could use a focus

It takes chutzpah to invite a critic to review a show before it officially opens. You must either be very confident in your show...

#FringeDuJour: Bedwetter

Tell us about Bedwetter. Bedwetter is a show about how I, Tamlynn Bryson, wet the bed every night until I was fifteen years old. In...
The Russian Play

#FringeDuJour: The Russian Play

Tell us about The Russian Play. The Russian Play by Hannah Moscovitch tells the story of a beautiful flower seller who falls in love with...

#FringeDuJour: Dandelion

Tell us about Dandelion. In Dandelion, I take my four-year-old's imagination and put it on stage. Describe your show in three words. Joyous. Vulnerable. Introspective. Why should someone...
Chase Breyer: Part Time Substitute Teacher, Full-Time Canadian Super-Spy

#FringeDuJour: Chase Breyer: Part Time Substitute Teacher, Full-Time Canadian Super-Spy

Tell us about Chase Breyer: Part Time Substitute Teacher, Full Time Canadian Super-Spy. Chase Breyer: Part Time Substitute Teacher, Full-Time Canadian Super-Spy is the James...
4.48 Psychosis

#FringeDuJour: 4.48 Psychosis

Tell us about 4.48 Psychosis. 4.48 Psychosis was written by provocative British playwright Sarah Kane during her own struggles with clinical depression and mental distress....
Amélie: The Musical

#FringeDuJour: Amélie: The Musical

Tell us about Amélie: The Musical. Amélie is an extraordinary young woman who lives quietly in the world but loudly in her mind. She covertly...
Larry. Photo by Kristine Cofsky.

#FringeDuJour: Larry

Tell us about Larry. Larry is a comedy about a hoser's foray into feminism.  I use my very alter ego Larry to explore my experiences growing...
AI Love You

#FringeDuJour: AI Love You

Tell us about AI Love You. Adam and April are a regular 20-something couple, very nearly blissfully generic, aside from one important detail: one of...

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