Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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A scene from Sho Me Wut U Gut by choreographer Noam Gagnon.

Dance review: the Ottawa Dance Directive is daring and skilled

Generally when people connected to the arts think of Ottawa they think of politics and funding cuts. Now everyone will have something new to...
Choreographer Amber Funk Barton explores The Art of Stealing.

Amber Funk Barton explores The Art of Stealing

People steal. From the act of physically taking an object from someone else without permission, to a larger-scale, less-tangible stealing of time, energy, and...
Blending the reverent with the mocking, with a little more emphasis on the mocking, Porno Death Cult draws a line connecting the extreme in every spiritual experience.

Porno Death Cult is funny, thought-provoking, and heartbreaking

Inspired by a spiritual pilgrimage, Porno Death Cult encapsulates all religious paths.  Blending the reverent with the mocking, with a little more emphasis on...
Peter Chu in “Someone to dance with” as part of Dances for the Small Stage 30. Photo by Robin Toma Photography.

The Dances for a Small Stage secret is fun, engaging, and high-calibre dance

Dances for a Small Stage has been around for over ten years, and in that time it's been produced thirty times.  That's nothing to...
Ballet BC 2014/15 season features three unique Ballet BC programs that include four world premieres and two Ballet BC premieres by international dancemakers, as well as the return of two audience favourites.

Ballet BC 2014/15 season continues focus on collaboration

Ballet BC's 2014/15 season continues the company's focus on collaboration to maintain a relevant and meaningful place for ballet in the 21st century. “Our 29th season...

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