Sunday, June 16, 2019
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TBD: Liberation Through Hearing

The case for enlightenment with Radix Theatre’s TBD: Liberation Through Hearing

I have begun my 21-day journey with Radix Theatre in TBD: Liberation Through Hearing, an immersive theatrical experience inspired by the Tibetan Book of...
The case for diversity

The case for diversity

I have no doubt there are few that would describe Vancouver’s theatre scene as diverse. In an open letter to the Jessie Richardson Theatre Society, the...

The case for recognition, or if I was picking the Jessie Award winners this...

It may be an honour just to be nominated, but it sure as hell feels a lot better when you win. In my senior year...
Some traditions are meant to be untraditional: Beacher's Madhouse and Jubilee! (Photos: Facebook).

The case for traditions: a madhouse and some showgirls

The holidays are usually a time of tradition. For many, that means a trip to see the Alberta or Goh Ballet productions of The...
It is time to reclaim our theatres, cinemas and music halls.

The case for confrontation

I did something a few weeks ago that I rarely get to do. I saw a movie.  In an actual cinema. It is time we reclaim...
Reviews are part of the conversation theatre companies should be having with their audiences.

The case for conversations

A storm was brewing back East a week or so ago, as one professional theatre company was about to throw out tradition with the bath water...

The case for film festivals

As the 2014 Vancouver Queer Film Festival gets underway and with the 2014 edition of the Vancouver International Film Festival just around the corner, is it time to...
Perhaps it is time to look to the local movie multiplex for inspiration.

The case for cup holders

It is sometimes remarkable what the theatre-going public will put up with on any given outing: plastic lawn chairs, straight-back banquet chairs, seats with...
Thoughts, observations and maybe a few tips about arts marketing

So long, and thanks for all the press releases

I love the arts and I am fascinated by marketing. It should probably come as no surprise then that I have an interest in...

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