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Improvisers compete for bananas in Vancouver TheatreSports League's Gorilla Theatre.

Actors work for bananas in Gorilla Theatre

Vancouver TheatreSports League has returned to its roots with Gorilla Theatre, the latest of three original improvisational formats developed by TheatreSports creator Keith Johnstone...
The cast of the upcoming Aenigma Theatre production of Jean-Paul Sartre’s 1944 existentialist French play No Exit.

Aenigma Theatre is putting on a show

We’ve certainly come a long way since Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland decided to “put on a show”, but the idea of doing just...
Melissa Oei as Vivie Warren and Linda Quibell as Mrs. 'Kitty' Warren in the Alley Theatre production of Mrs. Warren's Profession on stage at the Rickshaw Theatre through April 27. Photo by Kaarina Lenalainen.

Theatre review: Mrs. Warren’s Profession is teeming with talent

The Alley Theatre production of Mrs. Warren’s Profession is teeming with talent, but misses an opportunity by not using its unique locale to full...
Emelia Symington Fedy leads a class in The Chop Theatre / Boca del Lupo production of Through the Gaze of a Navel.

Theatre review: Through the Gaze of a Navel may very well be the quintessential...

There are a few things that are quintessentially Vancouver: the mountains, the seawall, our constant chatter about the weather, our addiction to coffee and,...
Warren Kimmel and Caitriona Murphy in the original Patrick Street Productions presentation of Rodgers and Hammerstein: Out of a Dream, coming to Richmond's Gateway Theatre in April 2015.

Gateway gets set to celebrate with pearls

Seems everyone is turning something these days.  The Arts Club is coming to the end of 50, Bard on the Beach closes in on...
Colby Wilson, Meaghan Chenosky, Sebastien Archibald, Ted Cole and Emma Slipp in the ITSAZOO Productions presentation of Killer Joe. Photo by Andrew Klaver.

Theatre review: Killer Joe will take you out of your comfort zone

Who knew that a visit to a trailer park could be so much damn fun? ITSAZOO Productions once again proves themselves the masters of site-specific...
Niko Koupantsis, Jameson Matthew Parker, David Kaye and Brian Cochrane return to Bomb-itty of Errors at the Arts Club. Photo by Candice Albach.

Theatre review: The Bomb-itty of Errors has an infectious and boundless energy

When The Bomb-itty of Errors first burst onto the scene in Vancouver two years ago, it was not only number five on my top...
Susie Coodin in the Bleeding Heart Theatre and Xua Xua Productions presentation of Oleanna on stage at the Havana Theatre, May 6-8. Photo by Adam Blasberg.

Dueling Oleannas: Vancouver audiences get two opportunities to see Mamet play

Vancouver audiences will get not one, but two opportunities to see one of the most provocative plays of the twentieth century, David Mamet’s Oleanna. “I...
Alley Theatre presents George Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession at the Rickshaw Theatre April 22 to 27. Photo by Kaarina Venalainen.

Mrs. Warren’s Profession still finds relevancy in our modern world

Talk about serendipity.  Looking for a monologue to audition with the Shaw Festival, Alley Theatre’s Marisa Smith was given a copy of Mrs. Warren’s...
Entirely unscripted, Throne and Games promises to bring to life your favourite characters in a battle for the now empty Iron Improv Throne of Westeros.

The quest for supremacy in Throne and Games

With fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones just beginning to see what is in store for season four, Vancouver’s The Fictionals Comedy...

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