Saturday, May 30, 2020
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GIli Roskies and Matthew MacDonald-Bain in the 2014 production of Julie McIsaac's The Out Vigil. Photo by David Cooper.

Theatre review: The Out Vigil deserves our attention

I passed on the opening of the big Broadway musical that flew into to town last night to witness the birth of first-time playwright...
Hayley Podschun as Glinda the Good and Jennifer DiNoia as Wicked Witch of the West in a scene from Wicked. Photo by Joan Marcus.

A wicked Wicked lottery

Wicked flies into Vancouver this week for the start of a five week run and is offering a limited number of $25 tickets for each performance. Two...
Members of the cast of Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of.

Theatre review: Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of is rooted in reality

Urban Ink Productions’ Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of, is the story of a hip-hop crew coming to terms with the shooting of one...
Jovanni Sy’s A Taste of Empire explores the human toll of our global pantry.

Theatre review: A Taste of Empire leaves a satisfying aftertaste

For a city seemingly obsessed with food, A Taste of Empire will appeal to more than just Vancouver theatre-goers as it attempts to humanize the...
Gili Roskies and Matthew MacDonald-Bain in The Out Vigil. Photo by David Cooper.

The Out Vigil takes inspiration from two realities

It’s a pretty safe bet that the men and women aboard the Cornelia Marie, Time Bandit or the Northwestern would never have guessed that...
Eight of the Jessie nominations for Pacific Theatre were for the company's production of The Seafarer. Photo by Emily Cooper.

32nd annual Jessie Award nominations announced

Bard on the Beach garnered fifteen and Pacific Theatre walked way with fourteen nominations for this year's Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards. Eight of the nominations for Pacific...
Robert Salvador and Lucia Frangione in Espresso. Photo by Ron Reed.

Theatre review: Espresso is a bold exploration of our relationship with god

With Espresso, playwright Lucia Frangione has managed to boldly distill what millions of people of faith spend entire lifetimes to understand: their relationship to...
Jovanni Sy will cook a traditional Filipino dish as a metaphor for colonialism and imperialism in Asia in A Taste of Empire. Photo by Keith Barker.

A Taste of Empire may be the ultimate dinner theatre

Writer, performer and Artistic Director for Richmond’s Gateway Theatre, Jovanni Sy will take to the kitchens of Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market to cook...
The cast of the Arts Club Theatre Company production of Monty Python's Spamalot. Photo by David Cooper.

Theatre review: Monty Python’s Spamalot is a worthy summer quest

The Arts Club Theatre Company’s season closing musical has finally grown-up with this year's production, the ridiculously funny and irreverent Monty Python's Spamalot, moving off Granville...
Anthony F. Ingram and Susie Coodin in the Bleeding Heart Theatre and Xua Xua Productions presentation of Oleanna. Photo by Graham Ockley.

Theatre review: Oleanna will get under your skin

F$ck you, David Mamet. Oleanna has the ability to get under your skin like a bloody bruise. Theatre should do that more often.That a play...

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