Vancouver contemporary dance company Plastic Orchid Factory opens its 2019-2020 season with I Care What You Think, an interdisciplinary dance-centric work exploring how we can be better together by making space for imperfection and honesty.

Originally devised and presented at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in 2016, I Care What You Think is a collaboration between Vancouver artists James Gnam, Vanessa Goodman, Jane Osborne and James Proudfoot.

“Through the artists’ performance, and the inclusion of the audiences’ wishes, a physical poem is generated, one that embraces the space and the people in it. Inside of this world, failure is beautiful, ugliness is necessary, and connection is urgent. The work oscillates between observation and action, revealing our collective desires and concerns through the act of wishing. The dance, like the choices we make every day, is political and timely.”

In this Facebook Live event, Vancouver Presents’ contributing editor Mark Robins went into the rehearsal room with Gnam, Goodman, and Osborne for a sneak peek and to find out more.

I Care What You Think plays Performance Works on Granville Island (1218 Cartwright St, Vancouver) October 3-5. Visit for tickets and information.