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Joe: A Solo Show has been years in the making

Live with Vancouver dance artist Joe Laughlin

“I feel privileged to be presenting a 60 minute solo show at this stage in my career. Exploring new aspects of my physical capabilities while navigating an aging body is a welcome challenge.” - dance artist Joe Lauglin on Joe: A Solo Show. Photo by Michael Slobodian.

Since 1995, Vancouver dance artist and choreographer Joe Laughlin has been creating dance for others through his dance company Joe Ink. Today, at age 57, Laughlin turns the spotlight on himself with Joe: A Solo Show, his very first full-length solo performance.

Through a process of what Laughlin calls a “personal, physical, and artistic discovery”, the hour-long show will consist of three distinct solos from a trio of choreographers, who all with a personal connection to Laughlin.

From Vancouver’s Amber Funk Barton, for whom Laughlin has been a mentor, comes Silas, a piece depicting humanity’s agricultural connection to the land.

In Long Story Short, Laughlin’s long-time friend and Montreal choreographer Gioconda Barbuto creates a very personal solo based on photographs from throughout Laughlin’s life.

And in GIYA, another friend and internationally-renowned South African choreographer Vincent Mantsoe transforms and layers traditional dances over tango music.

The solos are all woven together with voice-overs from the choreographers, providing insight into Laughlin himself through the eyes of each of these colleagues.

Vancouver Presents contributing editor Mark Robins met up with Laughlin in rehearsal for a chat about his career in dance, and for a sneak peek at Joe: A Solo Show.

Joe: A Solo Show plays the Scotiabank Dance Centre (677 Davie St, Vancouver) October 18-20. Visit joeink.ca for tickets and information.