If you have arrived here you are probably looking for our calendar of events form to submit your upcoming show. You can submit your event using the form below OR for ease and simplicity we suggest you can simply click on the “New Event” button on any calendar.

But before you add an event, first please be sure to read our submission guidelines.

While we love people who use our online form, we also love press releases and receiving details of your event by email! You can also send us your press release via email if that is easier or if you encounter any issues with our submission form.

Events submitted that do not meet these basic guidelines will be deleted.

  1. Our editorial focus is on the LIVE performing arts.
  2. We do not accept listings for visual arts events or films/movies.
  3. Our listings are for live performing arts events that take place in the Greater Vancouver area only.
  4. Please do not upload huge image files. Your image must scale to 700×350 pixels and should be no bigger than 250kb in size. Images must be free of text. Images that do not meet these criteria will not be considered for inclusion in the calendar.
  5. Please do not use ALL CAPS, or special characters.
  6. Please check as your event may already be listed. We do a pretty good job of keeping up-to-date with shows based on the press releases we receive.
  7. We do not list individual events/shows which are part of a larger festival.
  8. We do not list fundraising events or audition notices.
  9. Please double-check before adding a new venue or organizer as there is a good chance it already exists in our database.

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