Jesus Town USA
Jesus Town USA is one of ten Vancouver premieres that will screen as part of this year's Best of Hot Docs

The Vancouver International Film Festival and Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival presents the return of Best of Hot Docs, a selection of documentary screenings featuring the Vancouver premieres of ten films from this year’s Hot Docs lineup.

North America’s largest documentary festival, Hot Docs took place earlier this year in Toronto. From the 210 documentaries from Canada and around the world that screened at this year’s festival , come these ten.

Best of Hot Docs plays at the Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour St, Vancouver) from June 12-16. Visit for tickets and information.

For Grace
For Grace | Kevin Pang, Mark Helenowski, USA, 2015

1. From inspiration to opening night, For Grace follows renowned American chef Curtis Duffy as he strives to overcome adversity in his personal life to build his dream restaurant.

Rolling Papers
Rolling Papers | Mitch Dickman, USA, 2015

2. When Colorado legalized marijuana, the Denver Post hired the world’s first marijuana editor. Sit back as he and his pot reviewers, “high” mommy bloggers and grass-preneurs roll establishment and counter-cultures into a strange new canni-business in Rolling Papers.

Live From New York
Live From New York | Bao Nguyen, USA, 2015

3. Lorne Michaels couldn’t have guessed that his little sketch comedy experiment would become America’s highest temple of comedy. In Live From New York, Saturday Night Live alumni Chase, Curtain, Newman, Samberg, Poehler and countless more, reflect on 40 years of television magic.

Unbranded | Phillip Baribeau, USA, 201

4. In Unbranded, four young men embark upon an adventure of a lifetime. Traversing desert to mountain, they ride over 3000 miles from Mexico to Canada on adopted wild mustangs—a journey once a reality for western frontiersmen.

Speed Sisters
Speed Sisters | Amber Fares, Palestine, USA, Qatar, Denmark, UK, Canada, 2015

5. In Speed Sisters, the bold and fearless first all-female car racing team in the Middle East is burning rubber and tearing up tracks all over Palestine as they defy the odds and shatter stereotypes of Arab women.

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young
The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young | Timothy Kane, Annika Iltis, USA, 2014

6. With a secret application process, unknown start time and an ever-changing course, each year the Barkley Marathons tempt runners to rural Tennessee to test their limits in a grueling trail race that’s seen only 10 competitors finish in 25 years.

Around the World in 50 Concerts
Around the World in 50 Concerts | Heddy Honigmann, Netherlands , 2014

7. Award-winning documentary veteran Heddy Honigmann follows Netherlands’ prestigious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Around the World in 50 Concerts, an astounding musical journey as they perform 50 concerts on six continents to celebrate their 125th anniversary.

Jesus Town USA
Jesus Town USA | Julian Pinder, Billie Mintz, Canada, USA, 2014

8. In the cinematically stylish comedy, Jesus Town USA, the Wichita foothills stand in for Jerusalem as a small Christian community that has re-enacted Christ’s Passion for 88 years grapples with the news that the paperboy playing Jesus is a Buddhist.

Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi
Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi | Neal Broffman, USA, 2014

9. In Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi, the potential and perils of online vigilantism and crowdsourcing are starkly realized for a family searching for their missing son, when the theory that he is a terrorist behind the Boston Marathon bombings goes viral.

The Wolfpack
The Wolfpack | Crystal Moselle, USA, 2014

10. The Wolfpack documents six remarkable brothers who were obsessively kept from the outside world by their father in a Manhattan apartment. Growing up they inhabited a world entirely shaped by movies, but new found freedom offers a reality much different than what they imagined.