Listen Up Philip takes narcissism to new heights.
Listen Up Philip takes narcissism to new heights.

Alex Ross Perry writes and directs this acid funny and unusual told story about a “cruel and miserable” writer who takes narcissism to new heights.

Jason Schwartzman is Philip and he has just written his second novel. A seasoned and drolly jaded writer, played by an unrecognizable Jonathan Pryce, takes him on as a protégé. The film is startling and fresh, as the narrative skips around with its first focus on Philip, and then 40-minutes in that focus jumps to his girlfriend photographer, played by Elisabeth Moss; the film then shifts focus one more time onto the mentor.  Although at first disconcerting, everything comes together and weaves into a rather hilariously sad tale of self-involvement.

Listen Up Philip. USA, 2014. Written and directed by Alex Ross Perry.  No further screenings at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival.  Visit for more information.

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