Baladino plays as part of the 2016 Chutzpah! Festival
Baladino plays as part of the 2016 Chutzpah! Festival

The 2016 Chutzpah! Festival is underway. Here are five shows we think you should not miss:

1. Hailing from Tel Aviv and Germany, Baladino (Mar 5) melds everything from Egyptian darbuka to Armenian duduk, from Ladino classics to rarely heard tunes, into contemporary and fresh, yet authentic interpretations of Sephardic and Ladino music

2. Vancouver playwright Itai Erdal creates a very intimate show with A Very Narrow Bridge (Mar 5-13) inside a Jewish Community Centre boardroom. In this humorous piece, Erdal re-lives a trial in order to obtain a gett – a divorce document in Jewish religious law – where everything he knows is at stake.

3. Tel Aviv-based Maria Kong brings their North American premiere of OPEN SOURCE (Mar 5-7) designed to designed to touch the heart and stimulates the senses with this interdisciplinary group of dancers, video professionals, and musicians.

4. Gallim Dance returns to Chutzpah! with the Canadian premiere of Wonderland (Mar 10-13), inspired by Chinese-born artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s installation”Head On”, depicting 99 wolves charging into a glass wall, and explores the pack mentality as an inherent and potentially dangerous element of human instinct.

5. Combine a trio of sisters and four of Israel’s best musicians and you have A-WA (Mar 12), a group that is bringing their refreshing and authentic breeze of world music to Vancouver.

The 2016 Chutzpah! Festival runs until March 13. Visit for tickets and information.