#FridayFive: 5 shows not to miss in May

With the weather still very spring-like, chances are the rain will continue to drive us indoors just a while longer. Lucky for us there are plenty of shows in May to keep us both dry and entertained.

As you dream of the coming warm summer nights, here are five shows we think you should not miss this month:

1. Wet (May 8-27)

ITSAZOO once again steps outside the traditional theatre venue, this time with a production of David James Brock’s Wet in the basement of East Vancouver’s Russian Hall. A tale of love, abandonment, and the human cost of war, Wet follows the story of a Canadian soldier who returns to her husband and young daughter after a tour in Afghanistan. Delving into the mental and emotional repercussions of combat on those who serve, and the spillover effects on those they love, this intimate and immersive production is designed to amp up the work’s intensity. More information at itsazoo.org.

2. Tolkien (May 11-Jun 9)

The worlds of Middle Earth and Narnia may never have come to be were it not for the unlikely friendship between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. The obsession of Pacific Theatre’s artistic director, Ron Reed, the story of the two writers comes to the stage in the premiere of his new play, Tolkien. More information at pacifictheatre.org.

Ian Farthing and John Innes in Tolkien. Photo by Emily Cooper.
Ian Farthing and John Innes in Tolkien. Photo by Emily Cooper.

3. True West (May 15-19)

Sonder House Productions, one of our city’s newest theatre companies, makes its debut with a production of Sam Shepard’s True West. While Shepard’s plays have always been the darling of local indie theatre companies, interest in his work seems to have grown exponentially since the playwright’s death last year. This tale of sibling rivalry throws two estranged brothers together, where jealousy and mistrust bubble beneath the surface, threatening to destroy what little they have. More information at sonderhouseproductions.org.

True West

4. Les Filles du Roi (The King’s Daughters) (May 15-27)

New made-in-Vancouver musicals are always cause for celebration. Written in English, French, and Kanien’kéha (Mohawk), Les Filles du Roi (The King’s Daughters) is the story of a young Mohawk girl, and her brother whose lives are disrupted upon the arrival of les filles du roi in 1665. As they forge an unlikely relationship, their journeys collide to set the stage for the Canada we know today. More information at http://urbanink.ca.

5. Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way (May 17-19 & 24-26)

Vancouver Moving Theatre kicks of a national tour of Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way with a production at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. Led and performed by Indigenous artists, the multi-disciplinary show combines storytelling, cultural teachings, songs, authentic languages and the ancient stick game of Slahal to tell the story of “Old One” and his journey to reconciliation. More information at weaving-reconciliation-our-way.ca.