The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts presents a sizzling double bill featuring two Portuguese stars: singer-guitarist Sara Tavares, and fado vocalist Carminhos. Here are five reasons we think you should go:

1. The evening celebrates the diversity of Portuguese / Lusophone music by pairing these very different musicians who share a homeland and an ethos.

2. Tavares will start the night off with a funky fusion of world music and popular styles, mixing sounds such as Angolan semba and Brazilian bossa nova with the haunting melodies of Cape Verdean folk.

3. With Carminho, the evening will shift to a fado mood. As one of the leading voices to come out of the melancholic genre’s resurgence, the fadista delves into pop, rock, and jazz while channeling the classic fado stars of the generations before her.

4. Sara Tavares belongs to a new era of popular singers who arose in the wake of the late Césaria Évora’s success. She achieved international recognition with her 2007 breakout album Balancé.

5. Carminho’s debut 2009 album Fado revealed her as a worthy successor of the fado movement with the record reaching platinum status and embraced by fans worldwide.

Carminho and Sara Tavares play the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at the University of British Columbia on November 21.  Visit for tickets and information.