Gateway Theatre presents Itai Erdal's How to Disappear Completely
Gateway Theatre presents Itai Erdal's How to Disappear Completely

In September of 2000, Vancouver theatrical lighting designer Itai Erdal received a phone call telling him that his mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer and had nine months to live. Itai promptly moved back to Israel to spend every moment he could with his dying mother. During that time he shot hours of film and hundreds of pictures documenting the final months of her life and through his play invites us to witness the story of his mother’s passing.

In this week’s #FridayFive we give you five reasons to take in How To Disappear Completely:

1. It is a show that beautifully balances tragedy and death, humour and life.

2. It recently returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where the show picked up a pair of nominations.

3. It received rave reviews from local press on its premiere at Chutzpah Festival in 2011.

4. It is real storytelling, from a non-performer told with heart and meaning.

5. This award-winning show pairs the power of Erdal’s story with the nuanced potency of stage lighting and film.

How to Disappear Completely plays Richmond’s Gateway Theatre November 13-22.  Visit for tickets and information.