Stone’s Throw Productions and Clockwork Theatre present The Stonewater Rapture at Pacific Theatre this July. The play traces the relationship between Whitney, the well-meaning son of the local minister, and Carlyle, a vivacious eighteen-year-old girl with a highly charged imagination. Their sexual awakening is severely hampered by the fundamentalist fervor of the Bible Belt in which they live.

Here are five reasons we think you should see the show:

1. The Stonewater Rapture is an intimate play, in an intimate space, that asks intimate questions.

2. It is written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Doug Wright who also wrote the Oscar nominated film Quills and the award-winning one-man play, I Am My Own Wife.

3. Like much of Wright’s writing, The Stonewater Rapture discusses sexuality in contrast to spirituality. In this play he explores the act of “coming into” or “coming out” in a religiously strict community.

4. The play deals in some serious subject matter –  bullying, homophobia, religious dogma, and sexual assault – that you don’t always see during the summer theatre season.

5. This is a great opportunity to support emerging artists as this is the last production for the apprentices at Pacific Theatre this year, and only the second show for Clockwork Theatre. The play features emerging Vancouver theatre artists Kayla Heselwood and Kenton Klassen.

The Stonewater Rapture plays Pacific Theatre (1440 West 12th Ave, Vancouver) July 8-11. Visit for tickets and information.