The Firehall Arts Centre presents Sheldon Elter’s coming-of-age story, Métis Mutt.  Here are five reasons why we think you should go:

1. Autobiographical

Métis Mutt is Elder’s true story of coming to grips with his feelings about being the eldest child in an abusive household.

2. Multi-disciplinary

Through comedy, songs, storytelling and multi-character vignettes, Elder portrays his journey from a young Métis man pulling himself out of a destructive cycle, and carving out a creative life for himself.

3. Creative and in control

This one-person show, directed by Ron Jenkins, was written and performed by Elder, who is also a stand-up comic, musician and director.

4. Both sides

Experiencing bigotry from both sides of the racial fence, Elter attempts to understand what drives him psychologically and what is important to him culturally.

5. Rich and relevant

Métis Mutt was chosen by the Firehall’s artistic producer, Donna Spencer, for the richness and relevance of its storytelling: “A story in which he explores his heritage, his own racism, and his journey from being a rebellious party animal to where he is today and how he connects to the world around him.”

Métis Mutt opens at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver on April 25 and runs through May 5. Visit for tickets and information.