Last seen on a Vancouver stage late last year, Paul Snider is now bringing his The Music of Junk to New Westminster audiences in October. Here are five reasons we think you should go:

1. Snider was originally inspired by a trip to Kenya where he saw people recycling trash for all sorts of useful things. The West could learn a thing-or-two.

2.  The show features eleven musicians playing instruments built entirely from junk and recycled materials.

3.  From bagpipes made from garbage bags, to a harp made from an old bed frame, Snider’s homemade “instruments” are the epitome of the reuse and recycle mentality.

4.  All of the music being performed are original compositions by Snider.

5.  Each of the instruments – with names like ballagpipe, grumpet, saxcycle, glub – also have a story behind them. Snider builds stories and songs around the life that these instrumentsonce had.

The Music of Junk plays the Massey Theatre (735 Eighth Ave. New Westminster) on October 1. Visit for tickets and information.