The Prototype Festival presents eight shows over four days
The Prototype Festival presents eight shows over four days

Vancouver’s Instant Theatre presents The Prototype Festival (Jun 21-24), with some of Vancouver’s best improvisers performing a mash up of new improv formats.

Here are five shows in the festival we think are worth checking out:

1Dramatic Works

Improv isn’t just about comedy. In Dramatic Works, improvisers will create a fifteen minute dramatic play without a script.

2The Feast

This one has nothing to do with the coming winter. Inspired by George R.R. Martin’s food descriptions, improvisers paint a feast in elaborate style.

3The Loop

More Donnie Darko than Groundhog Day, The Loop promises an adventure down the rabbit hole.

4Oddcast News

A live comedy panel podcast ripped straight from the headlines, John Kerrigan and guests discuss the absurdity of Canadian life.

5Return to Sender

Drawing inspiration from real letters written, but never sent, Return to Sender features two editions featuring office correspondence and love letters.

The Prototype Festival takes place at the Havana Theatre from June 21-24 with two shows nightly at 7:00pm and 9:30pm. Visit for tickets and information.