The Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra presents a program of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique (Feb 19). Paired with a brand new commission from Vancouver composer, Benton Roark, here are five reasons we think you should go:

1. A World of Fantasy

Named “the most innovative symphony of the 19th century,” Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra’s music director Leslie Dala will lead more than 100 musicians as they delve into Hector Berlioz’s wildly visionary world of fantasy.

2. Mi Amor

Written about a woman with whom he was enamoured, Berlioz’ frantic passion is vivid in this piece. During its five movements, this lover’s obsession escalates in a recurring melodic motif, which Berlioz calls the ‘idée fixe.’ This style paved the way for the development of similar compositions in the mid-19th century by Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner.

3. A Winning Talent

Audiences will be treated to a solo by the 40th annual Kay Meek Competition winner Caitlin Wong. 15-year old Wong will show off her incredible talent in her own interpretation of Sergei Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No. 2.

4. A Stitch in Time

As well as Symphonie Fantastique, this is an opportunity to see the world premiere of Vancouver award-winning composer Benton Roark’s latest work, A Stitch in Time. 

5. Dreamy Roark

Anyone who is a fan of Berlioz’s whimsical style will be pleased to hear that Benton Roark’s compositions are just as dreamy. Composer and singer-songwriter Roark has firmly established himself as a unique and genre-defying new voice in North American music.